Project Tips

If you’re applying to be a Fellow, you will need to submit a 2-page project proposal. We welcome projects from any discipline. Here are some tips on how you can craft a competitive project proposal.

Areas of Interest

Some of the specific areas you can consider include topics around addressing  AI safety & risk, BiosecurityClimate changeDesigning institutions for future generations, Space governance, Measuring effectiveness, Measuring happiness, topics around Health and development of people living in the global south and topics around Animal welfare. Please note that this list is not exhaustive and your project can certainly be on a topic outside the list.


Project Ideas

Research-oriented projects

We welcome projects where fellows conduct academic research with the aim of publishing their findings. The research findings could be published as journal articles, lengthy blog posts, book reviews or reports.



Such projects must feature some contribution by the applicant and should not be mere summaries or compilations of existing work.

Also, we do not require that fellows who work on such projects have a ready-for-publication piece by the end of the fellowship. We only require the piece to be in a significantly advanced state by the time the fellowship is coming to an end.

Educational/ Advocacy-oriented Projects

We welcome projects aimed at educating certain audiences about issues within our areas of interest, convincing certain audiences about an argument within our areas of interest, or influencing the change of policies or regulations on an issue within our areas of interest. Some examples include:

Remember, this is not a closed list and we will seriously consider any other project ideas!

Writing a Compelling Proposal

So, you have an idea. What exactly should you write in your 2-page proposal?

In general, your project proposal should have 3 parts as follows.  

Part 1 should explain the objective of your project (What is the goal of your project? What do you intend the final output to be?)

Part 2 should explain why you think your project is important (In which of our areas of interest does your project fit? How would your project help society? How is your project different from what already exists?)

Part 3 should explain—as specifically as possible—the methodology you will use to achieve the goal of your project (If academic research: which data will you rely on and how will you assess it? If any other project: how will you carry out the project within 9 weeks?)

Please note!

We are only keen on projects where it is clear that the applicant will be expending some analytical effort on the subject matter. Projects which will only lead to the regurgitation of existing knowledge are very unlikely to succeed.

You are also more likely to succeed if you have a clear project objective that can plausibly be accomplished in 9 weeks. We generally don’t believe that biting more than one can chew is good for anyone 😊 

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