ILINA Fellowship

Are you an intellectually curious undergraduate or recently-graduated student in Nairobi? Apply for the ILINA Fellowship and spend 2-4 months learning new ways of thinking and pressing problems to work on!

Hello and welcome!

We’re delighted that you’re considering applying for our program. The program we’ve designed is focused on introducing exceptional undergraduate or recently-graduated students to new ways of thinking about doing good and pressing problems to work on to safeguard the lives of our future generations and other sentient beings.  

We offer 2 tracks of engagement: A Fellowship that will run from August to November 2022, and a Seminar that will run in August and September 2022. Depending on your interest and fit, you can apply for one or both of these tracks. Our Application deadline for both the Fellowship and Seminar is July 8 2022, so apply as soon as you can!

Why you should take our Seminar

Why you should be a Fellow

Next Steps

Before applying, we recommend that you take your time to read more about our Fellowship, our Project Tips for prospective fellows and our Seminar. You can also take a look at the most Frequently Asked Questions. After you do so, please apply! We’re excited to receive your application!

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